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Could a Zombie Apocalyse REALLY happen?? top 5 count down…#5

I am a total Zombie movie nut! I was wondering what REALLY could happen. So of course I got out my handy dandy google search and starting reading. has a fun article on the 5 SCIENTIFIC reasons a zombie apocalypse and happen. (notice how I stressed scientific)

5.  Mutated parasites or more specific  the  toxoplasmosa gondii , this parasite infects rats but can only breed in the intestines of a cat. So it secretes something into the rats brain that tells it not be afraid of cats so the guy can be lunch!

Oh and appox. half of the human population is also infected, yep. Years ago I watched this discovery thing on cleaning houses or something, and the pregnant woman couldn’t change the cat littler because she could get something that might harm the baby. Now I know it was these guys.A small study done shows that women who are infected have a higher chance of having a schizophrenic child.

Still it’s a long stretch in my book to go from self sacrificing rat to eating each other Zombie, but its a possibility I guess.

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