The PETT Complete Bathroom System

It's a Toilet. It's a Dressing Room. It's a Shower Tent.  But best of all it's self contained and completely transportable.  Whether your on the move getting away for the Zombie Hoard, camp, hunt, fish or just enjoy the outdoors, the PETT Compact Dry Toilet System provides the optimum in privacy and convenience.Packaged as a complete unit, the PETT System gives you immediate access to a clean and sanitary bathroom, wherever you decide to set up camp. The PETT complete system includes the PUP privacy shelter

, the PETT toilet and 15 WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits.  All items fit in the TOTE backpack which has an expandable pocket and contains an additional collection bag to transport used waste bags. 



  • Sets up in 5 minutes or less
  • Complete unit and carrying bag weighs just 17.5 pounds
  • Includes PUP tent, Tote backpack, PETT toilet and 15 Wag Bags

  • Water resistant
  • Sanitary floorless base
  • Overhead loop for hanging a light
  • Rear pocket for holding toiletries
  • Opening at rear for shower hose
  • Taffetta carrying case for storage
  • 3 screened opening windows for ventilation
  • Made of a flame retardant gray Taffetta 10C
  • Ropes and stakes for additional securing 
  • Requires no assembly and sets up in seconds

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Folds into the size of a briefcase
  • Fast setup and no assembly required
  • Made of tough injection molded plastic
  • Great for emergencies and power outages
  • Spill proof dry chemical system uses no water
  • Includes 3 biodegradable Wag Bag waste kits
  • Dispose of landfill approved Wag Bags in normal trash
  • Durable double construction Wag Bags zip closed for no mess
  • Wag Bags are resealable and good for multiple uses
  • Odor free dry chemical system neutralizes and gels waste
  • Removable mesh net holder supports the waste collection bag
  • Sturdy 3 leg design hold plenty of weight & works on uneven ground
  • No cleanup spill proof design
  • Double bag puncture resistant system
  • Additional POOH Powder may be added to extend use
  • Each Wag Bag treats up to 32 oz of liquid and solid waste 
  • Controls odor, gels liquid and breaks down solid waste
  • Use at home during power outages in any standard toilet
  • After use simply remove the bag, zip it up and toss it in the trash
  • WAG BAG Toilet in a Bag waste kits are biodegradable and approved for landfill disposal
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